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We Are Now Live

Hello new readers. Welcome to Festooned Butterfly’s new blog.

I’m excited to share my experience as a creator and business woman with you. There will be rants and raves, photos and peeks at up coming projects, maybe even some tutorials along the way.

This month I have been preparing stock for my convention season. I’ve had to think hard this year about the cons that I am going to. Last year was a “the more the better” approach, that did not work. While I met amazing people, the costs of going to a lot of tiny cons never balanced out with the bank account! So this year I have cut down my schedule to mostly large cons with less traveling to get there. Hopefully the math and the stress balances better. It also means really starting to focus on my online stores – starting up a shop outlet on facebook, and etsy (and keeping on top of them!).

I am happy to announce that I will now be offering ready to wear corsets, skirts and something I am most excited about I will now be selling Lolita fashions! I will still carry vintage and new men’s wear, I love my men’s wear and wouldn’t give it up. Now my shop will have something for everyone.

It’s the start of a new year and a new season and I’m happy to have you along with me.



Weekend Adventures

The weekends are my time to search for new items. I love, (well most days), I love searching the racks for treasures.

All my senses are alert, my hands run over the fabric cataloging wear and condition of the fabric, the smoothness I covet, the rough pill-balls I can’t stand. My eyes search for new colors, for the right cut, something better, scrutinizing dirt. My nose wrinkles and twitches as I smell decades old cologne, smoke, life caught in the fabric of these jackets and shirts. Perhaps taste is connected here, as sometimes the scents so strong linger between the nose and the mouth. My ears are bombarded with vast extremes of music, dialects and the sound of fabric on hangers and against my hand. It is as I search that I know I am truly doing something I love.